Omega Music Productions (OMP), a personal services company located in Laguna Hlls, California, offers vocalists, musicians, songwriters, and producers full scope engineering and creative services to forge memorable music in final, polished form. Whether it is a one to three song demo, or a full, arranged and orchestrated CD, OMP has the talent and capability to make a recorded performance shine.

Omega Music Studios, an affiliated entity, provides a professionally-equipped 650 square foot project studio, ideal for music creation, recording, mixing, and mastering.

"How you play a note is just as important as what that note is." ---Henry Kaiser

Latest Greatest News:

Lynn Semelsberger has kept the studio quite busy on various music projects, recording vocals and laying down instrumental tracks. Randy's extraordinary talents on the guitar and use of software instrumentation were put to good use time and again. http://ocvoicelessons.com/

Our V-Studio 700 has been functioning well, recording, mixing, and mastering, running Sonar X3 Producer (Expanded).  Our custom-built beast of a computer is extremely fast and handles the DAW and all peripherals without breaking a sweat at very low latency settings. We continue to create terrific percussion tracks indistinguishable from well-recorded live drums using BFD and Session Drummer software.  Triple-miking acoustic guitar performances using either Earthworks QTC 40s ore SR30s plus Royer's first-rate R122v tube-ribbon mic has yielded some absolutely beautiful, full guitar tracks.  Enjoying using some of the best synths on the market: Omnisphere and Trilian, produced by Spectrasonics. We added MOTU Ethno Instruments 2, and additional BFD drum expansions in the last few months.  In the mastering department, the addition of The Glue software has further enhanced our finished product capabilities.  It just keeps getting better...

More on Lynn Semelsberger:

An Orange County-based voice teacher and vocal coach with years of performing and teaching behind her, Lynn refers many of her students to OMP for recording of demos.  She specializes in state-of-the-art singing techniques employed by many of the biggest stars, as well as by anyone who wants to improve his or her voice, both children and adults.  In fact, Lynn is particularly effective with children.  She has several students who are under 10 years old. We at OMP have seen some astounding results when they have come in the studio to record a demo.  Lynn is in the process of revamping her website, and when it is completed, we'll post a link.

Prior Projects

Recording and comping vocals for EcoWonders new CD, a collection of catchy, educational songs written for school children to help them better understand our fellow mammals and to be better stewards of the planet. http://www.birdsongandtheecowonders.com

Our songwriting group (Two Old Guys, a Young Guy, and a Chick) along with several other talented artists wrote and recorded a theme song for the charity Special Spaces, which makes the world a little better by redoing the bedrooms of very ill children.  The song, called Special Spaces  was sung by 12-year-old, future star, Eve DeVault. Eve has, among other things, sung the National Anthem at Angel Stadium several times before Angels games.  The song was debuted on July 26, 2012 at a fund raising auction at Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades. http://www.specialspaces.org/ 

Ron Hall, our good friend, web designer, and musician extraordinaire, paid a visit to the studio to record a CD.  Ron did it as any purist would, played guitar and sang at the same time. No multi-tracking for him (at least not this time).  We used our B.L.U.E. Kiwi Mic through a Neve Portico Pre for his vocals, and two Earthworks QTC40s through a pristine Earthworks Pre (described as wire with amplification) for the guitar

OMP recorded and produced an original song written by a young woman about her Mom who passed away suddenly last Spring.  Randy played guitar, and we brought in Doug Miller, a long-time Laguna Beach musician (and painter) to play a beautiful violin accompaniment.  

Numerous Demos for voice students of Lynn Semelsberger we cut during the year,and more are scheduled.  We've seen marvelous results from Lynn's teaching techniques.  One 10-year-old is destined for big things we think.

Alex Michaelson has has been in studio several times, and laid down some fabulous original tracks, playing guitar and singing in one take.  Alex is one part Janis Joplin, and one part her own unique sound, offering up some very powerful songs.  One of her songs (recorded at OMP) has been picked up by an Indie movie producer.  

Nedi finished her new CD, "Mystery and Mischief," recorded and mixed at OMP, and it has now been released (see below). 

Barnstormer Productions/Weekend Explorer short the "Tide Pool Scene" was awarded an Emmy. This 7-minute segment educates kids (and adults) on visiting tide pools without damaging them. The short is a collaboration with Laguna Oceans Foundation, Laguna Beach Visitors and Conference Bureau, and "Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders."

Birdsong (Cheryl Procaccini) recorded the song "Tide Pool Scene" here at Omega Music Productions, and Randy Rusk laid down the guitar, bass, and drum tracks for the song.  Watch the Emmy-winning video by clicking this link!

We're thrilled for Cheryl and Birdsong for winning this award.

Andrew Schulman and Wendy Sayvetz: We finished recording, mixing, and mastering a new album for NYC-based performers, Andrew Schulman, a virtuoso on the 8-string classical guitar, and Wendy Sayvetz, a vocalist reminiscent of Judy Collins but with a style all her own. The album, entitled "The Cloths of Heaven" is finished. It's terrific. Visit their website, ABACA Productions.  Andrew had a harrowing experience with his health (he's fine now) that motivated him to give back to the medical center that saved his life in a very special way.  It's all about the healing power of music.  Check out this ABC news video.

NEDI: Singer-songwriter, voice and piano teacher, recorded her new album, Mystery and Mischief at OMP.  It has been released, so check her out at her website for more on her projects and creative endeavors at nedisings.com.

As shown above, Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders (Cheryl Procaccini) CD, "If I Were A Fish," a children's album celebrating ocean life and educating how to be better shepherds of the oceans is doing well in educational circles and beyond. Cheryl, dba "Little Ones Music," recorded most of the album at OMP.  You really owe it to yourself to check out their music...it is terrific and timely, and now one of the songs off the album is part of an Emmy-winning short.

Sasha Evans  has cut nearly two dozen demo songs of her original music at OMP. Sasha is playing to live audiences at the Coach House, the Sawdust Festival, and other venues, continuing to bring her "wow" factor to the stage.  To a person, those who have heard her music say the same thing, "That could be on the radio!" Sasha is now working musically with Doug Miller , a talented violinist (and painter) based in Laguna Beach.

Nick Martus recorded six songs at OMP for his demo.  He is compelling, both in musical style and vocal performance.

Our Music

We enjoy writing and recording our own music, and many of our songs are posted on Broadjam.com

So, how about YOUR music? 

Even if you don't play a musical instrument (or play it well enough to record it live), we can make your song happen, efficiently and economically.  Randy is a real pro in nearly all types of music on guitar, bass, dobro, guitanjo, and keyboard (via MIDI), plus he'll add cool drums that are indistinguishable from a well-miked drum-set played by a live drummer.  If you have a song you've recorded, but you're not happy with the finished product, or if you have a song rattling around that has yet to be recorded, contact us. 

With the studio now equipped about as well as any project/home studio anywhere, we are continuing to lay down and mix tracks for a number of local artists, and for our own music.


Omega Music Productions has released two albums of original music:

Innocent Grace, from Randy Rusk. Check out MP3 clips under Music Samples. It showcases Randy's songwriting, vocals, and musicianship as well as OMP's recording and production capabilities. The album is available through RandyRusk.com.

Left on Upland, from Josh Borella, a terrific singer/songwriter with a fresh sound. Josh has written some hauntingly beautiful melodies coupled with heart-felt lyrics. Two music clips of one of Josh's song are available for listening: a basic recording and "quick mix" of just Josh's vocals and his guitar, the other a full, mixed production.

Omega Music Productions has recorded several albums for others, including:

             IF I Were a Fish, by Cheryl Procaccini (Little Ones Music).  Check it out!

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